Vim: Setting up a Build System and Code Completion for C and C++

A guide on integrating CMake and the YouCompleteMe engine with Vim

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Preview of Vim running CMake and YCM.

Starting Vim Configuration

Project Source Files

$ git clone

Project Structure and Initial CMake Script

- root
--> bin # Executables
--> build # Build system files
--> config # Vim configuration
--> include # Application header files
--> lib # Library source files
--> src # Application source files
$ mkdir vim-cmake-boilerplate && cd vim-cmake-boilerplate
$ mkdir bin build config include lib src
The initial src/main.cpp file.

CMake Installation

$ sudo pacman -S cmake      # Arch
$ sudo apt install cmake # Debian and Ubuntu
$ sudo dnf install cmake # Fedora and CentOS
$ cmake --version
-| cmake version 3.19.1 ...
$ man cmake

Initial Build Script

The initial CMakeLists.txt script.
# Enter build directory
$ cd build
# Read CMakeLists.txt and generate native build files
$ cmake ..
# Build project and generate executable in bin/ directory
$ cmake --build .
# Run the executable
$ ../bin/Boilerplate
-| Hello, CMake!

Configuration Header

configure_file(<input> <output>)
#pragma once
   set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD_REQUIRED True)>> configure_file(include/ 

>> target_include_directories(Boilerplate PUBLIC
The src/main.cpp program outputting its version number.

YouCompleteMe Installation


$ vim --version | awk 'NR==1 {print; exit}'
-| VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, compiled ... 16:46:37)
# Arch
$ sudo pacman -S base-devel python clang llvm
# Debian and Ubuntu
$ sudo apt install build-essential python3-dev llvm-defaults
# Fedora
$ sudo dnf install gcc-c++ make python3-devel clang
" Add YCM repository to plugin list
Plugin 'ycm-core/YouCompleteMe'
" Refresh configuration
:source ~/.vimrc
" Download YCM
$ cd ~/.vim/plugged/YouCompleteMe
$ cat .gitmodules
-| [submodule "third_party/requests-futures"]
path = third_party/requests-futures
url =
# Clone submodules
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
# Install YCM
$ python3 --clangd-completer

Generating a Compiler Flags Database with CMake

$ cd build
$ cmake .. && cmake --build .
$ ls compile_commands.json
-| compile_commands.json
$ cd .. && pwd
-| /home/dane/Github/vim-cpp-completion
$ ln -s build/compile_commands.json compile_commands.json
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Testing the default behavior of the YCM plug-in.

Configuring YCM

YCM configuration settings in .vimrc.
" Make Vim always render the sign column:
set signcolumn=yes

Setting Up Debug and Release Configurations

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Checking the project’s default compiler flags.

Updating the Project Structure

# build directory
$ cd build && rm -fr *
$ mkdir Debug Release
# bin directory
$ cd ../bin && rm -fr *
$ mkdir Debug Release
$ cd ..
$ cd build/Debug
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../..
$ cmake --build .
$ ../../bin/Debug/Boilerplate
-| Running: ../../bin/Debug/Boilerplate
Version: 1.0
Hello, CMake!
$ cd ../Release
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../..
$ cmake --build .
$ ../../bin/Release/Boilerplate
-| Running: ../../bin/Debug/Boilerplate
Version: 1.0
Hello, CMake!
$ rm compile_commands.json
$ ln -s build/Debug/compile_commands.json compile_commands.json

Setting Compiler Flags

Compiler flags section in CMakeLists.txt.

Vim Mappings for Automatic Building and Running

Plugin 'tpope/vim-dispatch'
:source ~/.vimrc
" Open vim-dispatch window and scroll to bottom
nnoremap <C-m>m :Copen<CR> <bar> G
" Build debug and release targets
nnoremap <C-m>bd :Dispatch! make -C build/Debug<CR>
nnoremap <C-m>br :Dispatch! make -C build/Release<CR>
Functions in .vimrc for setting up F6 and F7 mappings.
:call SetBinaryDebug("Boilerplate")
-| <F6> will run: /home/.../bin/Debug/Boilerplate
:call SetBinaryRelease("Boilerplate")
-| <F7> will run: /home/.../bin/Release/Boilerplate
# Can now press F6 and F7 to run the executables

Compiling and Linking a Dynamic Library

$ cd lib && mkdir interp && cd interp$ curl -L > interpolate.h$ curl -L > interpolate.cpp
The lib/interp/CMakeLists.txt script.
   set(CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS ON)>> option(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build using shared libraries" ON)
>> add_subdirectory(lib/interp)
>> target_link_libraries(Boilerplate interp)
target_compile_options(interp PRIVATE
"$<${msvc_cxx}: $<BUILD_INTERFACE:${msvc_flags}>>")
# Clean build and bin directories
$ cd build && rm -fr * && mkdir Debug Release
$ cd ..
$ cd bin && rm -fr * && mkdir Debug Release
$ cd ..
# Build debug configuration and re-link compiler flags database
$ cd build/Debug && cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../..
$ cmake --build .
$ cd ../..
$ rm compile_commands.json
$ ln -s build/Debug/compile_commands.json compile_commands.json
# Configure release configuration
$ cd build/Release
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../..
$ cd ../..
The final src/main.cpp file.
$ ldd bin/Debug/Boilerplate
-| => <path to shared library>

Final Tweaks

Plugin 'sainnhe/edge'
:source ~/.vimrc
let g:edge_style = 'aura'
let g:edge_enable_italic = 0
let g:edge_disable_italic_comment = 1
if has('termguicolors')
set termguicolors
set guifont=Hack\ 11
set background=dark
colorscheme edge

In Conclusion

MSc. Programmer and fan of open source software.

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